Attorney Cost Is Rising In Houston

A Friend from college was in town just a few days ago, and unfortunately he was arrested for traffic violations (speeding in a school zone and expired insurance card).

I think they came down on him because he was in from out of town and this is a small suburb that I’m living in now.

Anyway, I bailed him out and then we both logged onto Google to find out how much it costs to hire a lawyer in our city.

After talking to a few criminal lawyers in Houston, some law firms that specialize in traffic violations, and also one or two Houston marijuana lawyers, we were able to get a good grasp on the cost of hiring a lawyer here.

Apparently, you will pay about $10k (retainer fee up front) to hire a really good criminal defense attorney. After that, you will be billed by the hour. You can find more info on how the whole hourly billing situation works here…

Because of factors such as these, standard legal fees do not exist. According to a survey of readers reported in Consumer Reports, the median legal fee charged by lawyers in criminal cases was $1,500. (Median means that the fees were over the amount in as many cases as they were under the amount.) Because many of these cases involved only a consultation or a single court appearance, most defendants can expect to pay much more for full representation. –

In the end, we decided to hire this attorney, mainly because he had the most professional looking website and the best online reviews of all the other attorneys we talked to. Also, we liked his videos, which did a great job of explaining how cops really treat traffic stops in this State.

Attorney Daniel Lazarine – Lead Counsel

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