Best Neighborhoods In Houston

Many people believe that living inside of the 610 Loop is ideal for Houston.

Donna Manley sells inner loop properties and many of her clients live in multi-million dollar homes just to get the luxury urban lifestyle that Houston offers. The Manley Real Estate YouTube Channel showcases a few of the neighborhoods which many Houstonians consider to be the best in the city.

Although many people consider the best living to be inside of the loop, not everyone desires to live so close to the city. Some people like to commute, and for those people we often suggest either Pearland, or The Woodlands.

Like an artist’s palette, The Woodlands offers a beautiful montage of Houston living at its best. Magnificent homes, winding nature trails, parks, shops and places of worship are carefully arranged in this lively and colorful panorama. In addition to being a scenic masterpiece, the native forests nurture higher values than those that are purely tangible. It’s the intangibles like human services, religious diversity, community spirit, healthcare and lifelong learning that are the cornerstones of community building. Those have been the guiding principles of The Woodlands since its founding more than 36 years ago.
Welcome to The Woodlands’ new video, produced by The Woodlands Development Company. For more information visit or The Woodlands Homefinder Center, 2000 Woodlands Parkway, The Woodlands, TX 77380.
The Woodlands is an unincorporated area operating independently of city government under the umbrella of The Woodlands Township. The Woodlands Township provides municipal-type services such as:
Police and fire protection and emergency services
Park, pathway and streetscape maintenance
Coordination of one of the nation’s most successful Neighborhood Watch programs
Enforcement of the community’s covenants and architectural controls
The funds necessary to provide these services come from taxes charged to residents according to the area in which they live and the value of their home. There are also associations and Residential Design Review Committees for each village that promote village events and maintain the integrity of homes and neighborhoods.

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