The HUEHUE Coffe



The coffee¬†Hue Hue is cultivated in Guatemala, and precisely in the department¬†named Huehuetenango,¬†after which its name “Coffee Hue Hue”.

Coffee has been introduced in Guatemala in 1773 from the Jesuit fathers¬†and still today this country produces one of the finest coffee variety in the world. Huehuetenango department lies at the foot of¬† “Cuchumatanes”, the highest non vulcanic mountain range in central America. This mountain region, with mountain tops from¬† 850¬†to 3700¬†meters¬†¬†above sea level, ¬†is one of the most vocated areas in the world for coffee production.

The tradition of coffee cultivation in Huehuetenango is very old and is linked to the particular ¬†geographical collocation as well as to its favourable climate, which enable the local population to cultivate coffee between 1500-2000 meters. That’s why this product is unique. It differs for its big grains, its taste and fragrance. It is cultivated in the shade of forest trees, harvested and processed by hand. Our full-boded espresso HUEHUE¬†is carachterised by its strong acidity and an agreable nut and toasted almond taste.

Slow Food recognised how precious and unique this product is and created a presidium for coffe in Huehuetenango with the aim of maintaining and supporting the traditions and the product itself as well as starting a social work.

The coffee Huehue is obtained by plants of¬† Coffea Arabica¬†only¬† (varieties: Typica, Bourbon and Caturra). We directly import the coffee¬†from the farmers’cooperative ¬†in Huehuetenango and we sell it¬†wihout brokerage at a competitive price which can still garantee to the farmers a good profit. The farmers, supported by Slow¬†Food, invest part of their earnings in social work such as schools and health.¬†¬†sample[/lang_e]